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Free Counselling.

Stargate Consultancy Education has a team of trained and expert counselors, who provide help to identify the professional goals, enabling the student to take a wiser academic decision. These counselors give Persbnal Guidance to choose courses that perfectly fits your Career or Personal Goals. We also host direct interviews with the Russian University representatives and provide you with all-inclusive information on various study topics.


Documentation Assistance

  • Passport Assistance: Stargate Education Consultancy assists in applying for the passport. We provide you with the Content Manager on letter that helps in acquiring the passport on immediate Basis.

  • Education Loan: Stargate Education Consultancy provides you with all the necessary documentation which helps in getting the education loan.

  • Legalization of Documents: We help you with the attestations, translations, and all the other documentation procedures of thie student which are required to complete the admission prpcedure.

  • Visa Assistanc : Stargate Education Consultancy gets the visa Invitation Letter from the university and get your visa Pe stamped.


Pre-Departure Guidance

Every year, Stargate Education Consultancy conducts SOBRANIYE, a get together of students and parents before the departure. This is a very irnportant session as freshers get to know so many small but valuable tips for their first travel to Russlia. We also connect you to other students who are already studying in the respective university.


Forex Assistance

We assist our students in getting currency exchange. At Stargate consultancy Education, we make sure that our students get the best possible exchange rate. We have tie-ups with various International Banks that provide the students with Forex Card and traveler's cheque at the time of departure.


Travel Assistance

At Stargate Education Consultancy, we have a separate tourism department which provides you with the best possible options to travel. We help you identify the right airline for excess baggage schemes. The department helps you in your entire travel. We also arrange travel for parents an41 relatives of the students when required.

Post Departure Services

  • We accompany our students from the Airport to the University.

  • We provide the accommodation facilities to our students till they get a hostel room.

  • We assist you in your hostel registration and allotting you the room.

  • We assist you with the final documentation at the University.

  • We offer 5-10 minutes complimentary call to our students from the University to your parents/ relatives.

  • We provide you with a local SIM Card from the University.

  • We assist you in getting enrolment in the hostel mess.

  • We facilitate you in the issuance of your library membership card.

  • We help you with medical insurance.

  • We help you with the medical check-up at the University at the time of arrival.

  • We provide proper assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of the Destination Country.

  • We let you coordinate with University authorities in Monitoring students' academic progress and behavior.

  • We provide you with suitable information and consultation in obtaining a visa for students' parents to visit their children.

  • We assist you in the visa extension if required.

  • We take great care of our students during the entire period of study.

  • We facilitate in providing visa to the parents for a visit (if needed).

  • We assist parents in their smooth travel arrangements.

  • We assist you in getting air tickets during the whole period of study.

  • We assist our students in enrolling for MCI screening test coaching classes in the University.

  • If a student wishes to change the room in hostel, assistance is given, provided a genuine reason given by student.

  • At the time of emergency, complete assistance is provided.

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